The schedule of 6 big trade fairs / showrooms in Shanghai Fashion Week. You can enjoy most if you visit from 15 to 18 October.

Name HUB DFO ALTER Showroom Shanghai MODE OntimeShow
Date *Opening hours of all fairs 10:00-18:00
13, Tue v v
14, Wed v v v
15, Thu v v v v v
16, Fri v v v v
17, Sat v v v v
18, Sun v v v v v
19, Mon v v v v
20, Tue v v v
Place Central Studios SOHO on THE BUND Unit1, No.15 Xintiandi THE HOUSE FOUND 158 Hu bin 168
Address 1F, Bulding 1, 751 South Huangpi road 31F, Block C, 88 zhongshan east second road 181 Tai Cang Lu, Xintiandi 380, South Huangpi Rd, Xintiandi No.158, Julu Road, Xintiandi No.168, hu bin Street, Xintiandi
Note 10-12 Oct, 13:00-21:00 for VIP. Opening till 23 Oct.

If you wanted more reports, brochures of trade shows, please email us.

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