Title A

Title A

A woman's wear buyer of UNITED ARROWS Japan“A British model Agyness Deyn has launched a clothing line “TITLE/A.” The collection inspired by vintage and classic, lines up mannish and basic items with sporty and masculine tastes. The label must be popular in Japan regarding the price and allowances for varieties of styling.”- Hanae, a buyer of UNITED ARROWS.


UNITED ARROWS, a flagship label among 230 stores of the company, is now expanding 40 stores in Japan and Taiwan.

UNITED ARROWS, a flagship label in 230 chain stores of the company, is now expanding 40 stores in Japan and Taiwan.

The concept is “Pleasant and Valuable lives – Abundance.” The head stores of United Arrows group propose the future of wear, food, living, play, intelligence, beauty, healing. The interior modernizes European and ethnic architecture to make matured natural feeling and becomes a mansion of United Arrows group with glass pillars.


[ AWARD ] We Respect the Diversity of Creations
Asia Buyers Award

The Asia Buyers’ Award is the decentralized prizes in the field of fashion, apparel, accessory and other lifestyle scenes.

It has been awarded by “new generation stores” have firm eyes and strong passion for fashion in big markets in Asia.

Awarded brands get exposures in greater Asian markets, then may have deals with stores, find agencies, win a free stand at trade shows in Asia.

To apply the award, trunkshow@oc-x.jp